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Webinar and Whitepaper: Immortalized versus primary cells

Posted by Cook MyoSite on Nov 8, 2021 9:22:53 AM
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High quality research demands high quality materials. However, the finest research supplies in the world won't lead to good results if they're the wrong tool for the job. 

Finding the right tool for the job is a particularly relevant task for research that makes use of cell culture. For each experiment, researchers must decide between primary cells and immortalized cell lines. This decision can have significant and potentially unexpected effects on results, so researchers would do well to weigh the potential advantages and relevance of each cell type before purchasing materials for use in the lab. 

Cook MyoSite, in partnership with RegMedNet, is proud to supply researchers with a thorough guide to this critical decision in a new white paper titled, "Immortalized versus primary cells: considerations for optimal application in cell cultures."

In addition to the white paper, Cook MyoSite has produced a webinar under the same name. In this webinar, Kevin Hart, PhD walks viewers through a hypothetical scenario that illustrates the many considerations one should take into account when selecting primary or immortalized cells for a given experiment. View the webinar on-demand here


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